Fransabank Syria


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic services, that Fransabank Syria provide?

• Opening accounts and providing all related services. • Issuance of ATM cards. • Issuance of checkbooks. • Granting loans and facilities. • Send and receive all kinds of Transfers. • Exchange operations services according to the regulations and the laws. • Documentary credit services for import and export. • LGs. • Providing electronic banking services.

What are the documents required to open an account?

- For Syrians and the like, one of the following documents: • Identity Card. • Valid passport. • Individual civil register, attached with a personal photo, certified by “Mukhtar”. - For foreigners: • Valid passport. • Residence card.

What types of accounts are available at Fransabank Syria?

Deposit accounts: • Current Account. • Saving Account. • Term deposit Account. • Salary domiciliation Account. Facilities accounts : • Personal Loans. • Housing Loans. • Commercial Loans. • Imports financing.

What currencies are accepted at Fransabank Syria?

Syrian pound. • US Dollar. • Euro.

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

Account Type Minimum
CURRENT ACCOUNT in Syrian lira 10.000 SYP
SAVING ACCOUNT in Syrian lira 100.000 SYP
TERM DEPOSIT in Syrian lira 250.000 SYP
CURRENT ACCOUNT in foreign currencies 200 $ or 200€
TERM DEPOSIT in foreign currencies 5000 $ or 5000€

What is the commission for opening an account at Fransabank Syria?

There is no commission.

How can I obtain a checkbook?

The customer should request a checkbook, from his branch or through the internet banking service if it is available to him, and we will delivered the book, after confirming the conditions of granting, such as the customer’s seniority (at least 3 months). And the availability of an appropriate balance in his account and receiving the result of the inquiry from The Central Bank in terms of not having his name on the black list.

How many checks does Fransabank Syria checkbook contain?

The checkbook of Fransabank Syria contain 25 checks.


What is the validity period of the ATM Card?

ATM Card validity period: Two years.

How can I get the online banking service?

We provide the internet banking service to the bank’s customers. Customers can request the service via the Internet through the bank’s website or by visiting one of its branches.

What electronic banking services are available at Fransabank Syria?

By subscribing to the IBANK, you can: Check your accounts balance. Request accounts statements in all forms (Excel, Word, and Pdf). Execute transfers within your accounts. Execute transfers within the bank. Request an external transfer. Request issuance of checkbooks.

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